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Back row from left:-
John Dobson,  Umpire            Local Shoemaker
Cyril Stockill                          Clerk at West Heslerton Station
Charles Webster                    Farm Worker
Walk Hudson                         Rabbit Catcher
Robert Stockill                       Clerk at Hull Railway Station
G Robson                              Farmer at Foulbridge Farm, Snainton
Tom Milner                           Farm Worker on Heslerton Estate
Wilf Hutchinson                     Farm Worker and Roadman
Fred W Thompson                Post Master at West Heslerton
Front row:-
Sid Stead                               Farm Worker
W I’Anson                            Station Master at West Heslerton
Arthur Bowes, Captain          Local Joiner
John Clarkson                       Kennelled Greyhounds at East Heslerton
Sidney North                        Farmer at Ling Hall

1921 Scarborough Beckett League Champions at Scarborough

Scarborough Beckett League Team Early 1950’s at Sawdon
Back row: George Barker (Boy), Geof Lumley, Bas Dring, Dick Boyes, John Lumley,
Jack Bowes, Umpire Arthur Bowes.
Front row: Tommy Temple, Jim Barker, Eric Bowes (Coddy), Henry Harrison, Doug White

Scarborough Beckett League Team Late 1950’s at Wykeham
Back row: George Hepton, Alan Vasey, Barry Metcalfe, Robin Grice, Les Rickartson
Doug White
Front row: Coddy Bowes, Jack Bowes, Stanley Carr, Henry Harrison, Eric Lealman


Derwent Valley League Champions 1956 at Brompton
Back row: Peter Stead, John Lumley, Stan Jefferson, Brian Boyes, Bas Dring,
Brian Harrison, Doug White
Front row: Barry Metcalfe, Sidney Bowes (Captain), John Maud, Frank Abbey

Derwent Valley League Champions 1961
Back row: George Hepton, John Spaven, John Lumley, Bas Dring, Douglas Young,
Ian Milner, Morris Ruston
Front row: Tony Myres, Derek Denney, Ted Moment, Raymond Mennell, Mick Farrow

1971 Derwent Valley League Champions at Wykeham
Back row: Bas Dring, Vic Bowes, Robert Kirby, Tony Hall, John Crossland
Darrell Boyes
Front row: Sandra Dring (scorer), Cyril Anderson, Mick Jeffrey, Arthur Hall,
Leslie Johnson, John Spaven, Heather Bowes (scorer)

1978 Derwent Valley League Champions at Flixton
Back row: John Lumley (League Chairman), Ken Shields, Brian Lawson,
John Crossland, Doug Lawson, Geoff Noble, Bas Dring,

Darrell Cooper (League Secretary)
Front row: Steve Dring, David Smith, Jack Bowes, Graham Young,Vic Bowes,
Philip Triffitt.  Front: Rosie Bowes (Scorer)

1970 Derwent Valley League Champions at Hackness
Back row: Mick Jeffrey, Pip Hodgson, John Crossland, Arthur Hall, Graham Young.
Middle row: Colin Stones, John Spaven, Jack Bowes (Captain), Ticker Marshall,
Leslie Johnson, Darrell Boyes.
Front row: Scorers Heather Bowes and Sandra Dring

Opening the innings for the 2nd X1
Former Club Chairman Jack Bowes with his successor and current Club Chairman Leslie Johnson open the innings in the 1970’s

Heslerton 1st X1 1993   Winners of

Scarborough Beckett League Div ‘A’, Cayley Cup Div ‘A’, Pickering Cup,
Scarborough E L Div ‘A’ and Harburn Cup, Hospital Cup, Sundella Trophy,
Pickering Indoor League, Endley Trophy, National Village Championship Area Winners, Geoff Mountfield Trophy (Umpires Quiz), and Ryedale District Council Team of the Year.

Back row: Mark Welford, Malcolm Spaven, Andrew Grayson, Phil Metcalfe, Adrian Turnbull, Tony Watson, Paul Nutt.
Front row: Steve Spaven, Steve Holtby, Charles Benthall (Captain),
Paul Bowes, Phil Triffitt.