By creating an ambitious development plan Heslerton Cricket Club aims to ensure the long-term future of the club and give players, coaches and volunteers the opportunity to maximise their potential through continual improvement. The plan will provide a solid infrastructure to aid the efficient running of the club. It will identify how the club can best use its strengths to form enduring links with local schools and deliver safe, equitable & effective cricket coaching to junior members.


Harness and develop all young cricketers so they have the opportunity to contribute to the game of cricket at all levels and play a central role in club cricket life

• Appoint young players onto the Cricket Club’s Management Committee
• Encourage young cricketers to enrol on coaching and umpiring courses
• Nominate players to attend County age group trials relevant to ability and potential
• Ensure coaching sessions are held within a progressive yet fun environment
• Promote an atmosphere of involvement and belonging to Heslerton Cricket Club

Develop and strengthen a structure and pathway for women and girls to actively participate in and follow cricket

• Liaise with Junior Football Club to encourage girls to extend their involvement within football to cricket
• Seek to appoint and train a female coach
• Regain the interest of ladies involved in a successful team, disbanded in year 2000.
• Promote the opportunity of girls training and coaching with local schools The club will continue to encourage all girls involved in the schools programme as well as club       activities to have access to further development, the club will also link in to the local CDG development centre for girls

Develop and strengthen the whole club environment, promoting cricketing opportunities for disabled people

• Ensure full accessibility to new sports pavilion and changing rooms in partnership with Heslerton Sports Club Committee
• Recognise the requirement of both children and adults with special needs to participate The club will help provide and sustain opportunities for all to achieve the highest           level that their abilities and ambitions allow, linking in to the YCB Disability Forum Action plan

Develop and promote cricket for black and ethnic minorities

• Encourage participation of any black or ethnic players, from the local community

Ensure that our cricket club is an integral part of the local community, contributing an invaluable service to all sections of the local community, developing club members, supporters and volunteers

• Form partnership with Ryedale & Whitby School Sport Partnership to ensure use of ground as required by local schools
• Form partnership with Ryedale District Council to deliver some of the club and coach education courses
• Form partnership with Scarborough or Ryedale Cricket Development Groups for junior tournaments
• Provide cricket coaching and fun activities to young boys and girls.

Develop and strengthen senior playing teams, providing positive role models to all club members, leading achievement and success

• Improve playing strength of senior team to progress from Division ‘A’ into ‘Premier’ Division of Readers Scarborough Beckett Cricket League
• Encourage integration between 1st and 2nd Saturday senior teams
• Integrate young cricketers into Evening League and Derwent Valley teams


Outdoor Facility - Heslerton Sports Field

The Square & Outfield at your club

Total number of pitches on your square                      6
Quality of these pitches?                                                Good
Quality of the outfield?                                                   Satisfactory
Total number of match play pitches on the square?  6
Quality of these pitches?                                                Good

Practice Facilities (off the total playing area)
Number of fine turf practice pitches                             0
Number of Synthetic practice pitches                          1
Quality of these pitches                                                 Good

Changing Rooms at your club
Total number of team changing rooms                                           4
Total number of umpire changing rooms                                       2
Do your changing rooms comply with ECB standards (TS5)     Yes
Total number of shower heads?                                                      16
Total number of toilets?                                                                     7

The Ancillary Facilities at your club
Total number of sight screens?                                      1
Total number of covers?                                                  3
What type of scoreboard or box do you have?           Digital

9 Condition
Do you have a Roller?                                                       Yes,           Good
Do you have an Outfield Mower?                                   Yes            Good
Do you also have any other equipment?                        Yes            Good


Total number of officials and helpers at the club with assigned roles : 14

Name Charlie Benthall
Junior Co-ordinator Unpaid
Fixture Secretary Unpaid
ECB Coach Course (UKCC2) Unpaid

Name Paul Nutt
Scorer (unqualified) Unpaid

Name John Crossland
Club website Administrator Unpaid
President Unpaid

Name John Crossland
Groundsman (unqualified) Unpaid

Name Les Johnson
Chair Unpaid
ECB ACO Level 1Unpaid

Name Jake Keyworth
ECB Coach Course (UKCC2) Unpaid

Name Paul Nutt
Club Secretary Unpaid
Club Development Manager Unpaid
Press Officer Unpaid
Club Development Plan Lead Contact Unpaid

Name Simon Oxendale
ECB Coach Course (UKCC2)Unpaid

Name Adam Spaven
ECB Coach Course (UKCC2)Unpaid

Name Malc Spaven
ECB Level I Unpaid
Club Welfare Officer Unpaid
Vice Chair Unpaid

Name Rosy Spaven
Volunteer Co-ordinator Unpaid

Name Tony Watson
ECB Coach Course (UKCC2) Unpaid

Name John Wharton
Junior Co-ordinator Unpaid
ECB Coach Course (UKCC2)Unpaid
Child Welfare Officer  (Unpaid)


Womens and girls Co-ordinator  (x1)


Of the total number of officials and helpers how many are from a Black and Ethnic Minority?        0
Of the total number of Black and Ethnic Minorities at your club how many are qualified coaches? 0

Developing Under 11's age group

How will we get there?

Liaise with Sports College (Lady Lumleys) & local School Sports Co-Ordinators at West Heslerton, Rillington & Lutton Primary Schools.
Undertake regular summer coaching sessions in schools
Encourage interested players and parents to take up coaching courses.
Enter Under-11's League
Encourage girls to play at Under-11 level
Hope to attract any interested disabled youngsters due to good disabled facilities at ground

When will we get there?

Liaison by March 2009 through Ryedale Cricket Development Group Coaching to be organised May 2009 & continued into following years if successful Coaching courses currently being organised by Ryedale Development Group

Who is responsible and partners we will be working with?

Junior Managers & Coaches to run coaching sessions in schools -
John Wharton (Heslerton School), Charlie Benthall, Adam Spaven, Jake Keyworth, Simon Oxendale & Tony Watson to be responsible for Rillington & Lutton schools. Development Manager will work with Ryedale Cricket Development Group & Local Leagues, and with Sports College & local School Sports Co-Ordinators.

What will it cost (including in kind costs)?

Cost will be £15 for each set of Kwik Cricket equipment needed plus some compensation for the coaches time (£15/hour each session)

Who are you approaching to fund such costs?

Sports Partnership through CDM Ian Powell

Developing U 15's age group

How will we get there?

To mirror the development of the Under-11's through liaison with Heslerton, Rillington & Lutton Schools Continue to enter U-15's league & cup
To provide coaching sessions on a Wednesday evening in the summer
To encourage participation of U-15's at winter nets
To get any senior overseas player involved in coaching subject to coaching/CRB status
To encourage Under-15's to progress with the club in the senior teams & to take roles in the future on the administrative side of the club

When will we get there?

This is an ongoing process through 2009 & into 2010. Winter nets started January 2009.
New full length artificial net bought for club practice should be installed by May 2009.

Who is responsible and partners we will be working with?

John Wharton is senior coach & organiser of Under-15's with help as required from 6 other qualified club coaches

What will it cost (including in kind costs)?

Cost of installing artificial practice net will be born by club & club members (c.£250)
Grant aid will be sought for steel frame & netting (expected cost c.£1000)

Who are you approaching to fund such costs?

Ryedale District Council.
Ryedale Cricket Development Group

Developing Senior Cricket

How will we get there?

Encourage and create the opportunity for younger players to progress to the senior teams.
Consider 3rd XI if playing numbers warrant it -
Develop new pitch to cater for it Improve practice facilities at the ground with new full length artificial practice net
Keep players loyal to the club by providing superb facilities (next development is an electronic scoreboard)

When will we get there?

Practice net & scoreboard by start of 2009 season.
3rd X1 is five year plan.

Who is responsible and partners we will be working with?

Groundsman, secretary, president & willing helpers.

What will it cost (including in kind costs)?

Cost of practice net c.£1250
Cost of scoreboard already accounted for
New pitch would need some ground work including scarifying & loam

Who are you approaching to fund such costs?

Ryedale District Council. Ryedale Cricket Development Group.


Trials and Assessments

Do you have links with the District talent assessment scout?                       Yes
Does your club nominate players for County assessment sessions/trials? No
The number of players in district boys squads                                                    2

School activity details
Coaching sessions organised through local CDG & CDM

When will we get there?

July 2010

Who is responsible and partners we will be working with?                        Paul Nutt John Wharton Ian Powell

What will it cost (including in kind costs)?                                                 £200

Who are you approaching to fund such costs?                                             Sports Unlimited Local CDG


In addition to the above our five year objectives are:
To improve senior playing strength aimed at !st & 2nd teams being promoted to higher standards of cricket
To create a senior 3rd XI playing league cricket on the new area at the existing Sports Field
To re-form under-15 team to play league cricket
To continue to coach teams at U-13 & U-11 levels
To develop a team at Under 13 level playing in an under-13 league
To continue to ensure junior players move to, and thrive in, the senior teams
To continue to support both local cricket development groups (Scarborough & Ryedale)
To continue to be Clubmark accredited

What we are PlanningTotal Growth in 5 Years Time

Participation             117                  10% Growth in 5 Years           128.7

Club Membership       53                 10% Growth in 5 Years              58.3

Coaching Roles 10                             1% Growth in 5 Years              10.1

Volunteer Roles 25                           5% Growth in 5 Years               26.25



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