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1921     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1922     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1923     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1924     Derwent Valley League Champions
1939     Major Walker Memorial Trophy (Malton Cup)
1947     Derwent Valley League Champions
1948     Rillington Cup Winners
1949     Rillington Cup Winners
1950     Major Walker Memorial Trophy
1951     Rillington Cup Winners
1952     Rillington Cup Winners
1952     Scarborough Beckett League Semi-finalists
1953     Scarborough Beckett League Loosing finalists
1953     Weaverthorpe Cup Winners
1953     Derwent Valley League Runners-up
1954     Major Walker Memorial Trophy
1954     Rillington Cup Winners
1954     Ganton Cup Winners
1954     Scarborough Beckett League Runners-up
1954     Derwent Valley League Semi-finalists
1955     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1955     Derwent Valley League Runners-up
1956     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1956     Rillington Cup Winners
1956     Derwent Valley League Champions
1957     Scarborough Beckett League Runners-up
1957     Derwent Valley League Runners-up
1958     Derwent Valley League Runners-up
1959     Derwent Valley League Champions
1961     Driffield Cup Winners
1961     Derwent Valley League Champions
1961     Old Malton Evening League Champions
1962     Driffield Cup Winners
1962     Derwent Valley League Runners-up
1963     Major Walker Memorial Trophy
1963     Derwent Valley League Champions
1963     Derwent Valley League K.O; Runners-up
1964     Scarborough Beckett League Runners-up
1964     Derwent Valley League Semi-finalists
1965     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1966     Filey Cup Winners
1966     Knapton Silo Six-a-Side Winners
1966     Derwent Valley League Runners-up
1967     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1967     Driffield Cup Winners
1967     Filey Cup Winners
1968     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1968     Major Walker Memorial Trophy
1968     Filey Cup Winners
1969     Derwent Valley League Champions
1970     Scarborough Beckett League Div ‘B’ Champions
1970     Derwent Valley League Champions
1971     Derwent V alley League Champions
1971     Derwent Valley League K.O. Winners
1974     Cayley Cup Div ‘B’ Winners
1975     Old Malton Evening League Champions
1975     Old Malton Evening League K.O. Cup Winners
1977     Scarborough Beckett League Div ‘B’ Runners-up
1977     Bishop Wilton Cup Winners
1978     Derwent Valley League Winners
1978     Cayton Six-a-Side Winners
1979     Driffield Cup Winners
1979     Major Walker Memorial Trophy
1979     Scalby Six-a-Side Winners
1980     Scarborough Beckett League Div ‘B’ Champions
1980     Cayley Cup Div ‘B’ Winners
1980     Bishop Wilton Cup Winners
1980     Derwent Valley League Semi-finalists
1981     Cayley Cup Div ‘A’ Winners
1981     Scalby Six-a-Side Winners
1981     Scarborough Evening League Div ‘C’ Champions
1981     Harburn Cup Runners-up
1982     National Village Championship Group Winners
1983     National Village Championship Group Winners
1983     Welford Cup Winners
1983     Scarborough Evening League Div ‘B’ Champions
1983     Hunter Cup Winners

1984     Cayley Cup Div ‘A’ Winners
1985     Pickering Cup Winners
1985     Scarborough Beckett League Runners-up
1985     Derwent Valley League Div ‘B’ Runners-up
1986     Driffield Cup Winners
1986     Scarborough Beckett League Runners-up
1987     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1987     Last 16 in Norsk-Hydro National Village Championship
1987     Staxton Six-a-Side Winners
1988     Geoff Mountfield Trophy (Umpire’s Quiz)
1988     Sundella Trophy
1988     Staxton Six-a-Side Winners
1988     Derwent Valley League Div ‘B’ Runners-up
1989     Geoff Mountfield Trophy (Umpire’s Quiz)
1989     Driffield Cup Winners
1989     Endley Trophy
1989     Staxton Six-a-Side Winners
1990     Geoff Mountfield Trophy (Umpire’s Quiz)
1991     Cayley Cup Div ‘A’ Winners
1991    Scarborough Beckett League Div ‘A’ Runners-up
1991     Endley Trophy
1991     Derwent Valley Div ‘B’ Champions
1991     Geoff Mountfield Trophy (Umpire’s Quiz)
1992     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1992     Geoff Mountfield Trophy (Umpire’s Quiz)
1992     Andy Hire Scarborough Evening League Div ‘A’ Champs
1993     Scarborough Beckett League Champions
1993     Cayley Cup Div ‘A’ Winners
1993     Andy Hire Scarborough Evening League Div ‘A’ Champs
1993     Harburn Cup Winners
1993     Hospital Cup Winners
1993     Pickering Cup Winners
1993     Pickering Indoor League Champions
1993     Endley Trophy
1993     Sundella Trophy
1993     Ryedale District Council “Sports Team of the Year”
1993     Geoff Mountfield Trophy (Umpire’s Quiz)
1993     Derwent Valley Div ‘B’ Runners-up
1994     Scarborough Beckett League Div ‘A’ Runners-up
1995     Sundella Trophy
1995     Harburn Cup Winners
1995     Endley Trophy
1995     Staxton Six-a-Side Winners
1995     Scarborough Beckett League Div ‘A’ Runners-up
1996     Scarborough Beckett League Div ‘A’ Champions
1996     Harburn Cup Winners
1996     Marbury Cup Winners (Filey Cup)
1998     Pickering Cup Winners
1998     Harburn Cup Winners
1998     Scarborough Beckett League Div ‘A’ Runners-up
2004     Scarborough Beckett League Div ‘B’ Champions
2006     Welford Cup Winners
2010     Scarborough Beckett Leag ue Div ‘A’ Champions
2011     Scarborough Beckett League “Premier” Champions
2012     Andy Hire Scarborough Evening League Div ‘C’ Champs
2012     Andy Hire Scarborough Evening League K. O. Winners
2013     Scarborough Beckett League “Premier” Champions
2013     Hunter Cup Winners

2016     Andy Hire Scarborough Evening League Div ‘A’ Champs

2016     Harburn Cup Winners

2017     Scarborough Beckett League Div 4 Champions

2017     Cayley Cup Div 4 Runners up

2017     Hospital Cup Runners up